gymSAFE, Inc.

gymSAFE, Inc. is a non-profit organization


gymSAFE Movement Screen

Ask any coach what they wish most for their team and you'll hear a resounding 'less injuries!'   Of course, strength, flexibility, power, precision, and consistency are important, but none of it is possible when the gymnast is injured.  With all the roles that coaches play - motivator, teacher, curriculum planner, the list goes on... you have a lot of responsibility.   Let us help you with injury prevention aspect of your job.  

The gymSAFE Screen is a standardized test that consists of gymnastics-specific tasks chosen to indicate movement dysfunctions linked to common gymnastics injuries.   All screens followed up by a Prehab Workshop with coaches and athletes.  The Prehab Workshop is a 90 minute follow-up to discuss results, instruction of exercises which address the movement faults found during the screening, and a Q&A session.   

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Coach's workshops

We offer multiple 90 minute workshops with one common theme - Decrease gymnastics injuries! With years of experience and research as our foundation - we present information so that it's easy to remember and ready to apply.   We'll explain the 'why' and the 'how' and give opportunity to practice application of the concepts and tools presented.  The best thing about it is that we can make our workshops customizable to your gym's specific needs.   And, we’ll come to your location!!

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Athletic Training Room Set Up 

Consultation in setting up your on-site athletic training room for rehab or pre-hab.