gymSAFE, Inc.

gymSAFE, Inc. is a non-profit organization

We offer multiple workshops with one common theme - Decrease gymnastics injuries! With years of experience and research as our foundation - we present information so that it's easy to remember and ready to apply.   We'll explain the 'why' and the 'how' and give opportunity to practice application of the concepts and tools presented.  The best thing about it is that we can make our workshops customizable to your gym's specific needs.  

The most requested workshops include:

What comes after the gymSAFE screen?

This is a 2 hour workshop in which we teach the best exercises to address the movement faults found during the gymSAFE screen.  It is highly recommended as a follow up for the screen.  

Injury Prevention Workshops - From Head to Toe

45 min workshops each focused on a commonly injured area of the body.  During the hour we will discuss the most common injuries, how these injuries occur, and what coaches and gymnasts can do to prevent these injuries.  

  • Foot and Ankle   
  • Knee and Hip   
  • Back     
  • Shoulders

The Whirlwind Tour of Gymnastics Injury Prevention

The highlight reel of everything you need to know about gymnastics injury prevention in 45 minutes of lecture followed by 45 minutes of question and answer.  

Foam Roll, Resistance Band, and Inflatable Disk Clinic

Learn how to incorporate these low cost and effective tools to prevent injury by improving mobility and control.