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Strengthening Obliques and Core

- Lay on your side with fingertips to feet in a straight line

- Place one hand on your side

- Swing the top leg front and back (x10)

- Move the top leg up and down (x10)

- Placing the top foot on your bottom knee, bring the top foot on your bottom knee, bring the top knee up towards the ceiling and down in front of you (x10)

Point: Balancing by engaging all the muscles in the body

You should feel your glutes, outer hamstring, hips, and core muscles working .

Relieving Wrist Pain

- Place your hand on something that is above knee height so that you can put pressure on your hand

- Place your other hand around your wrist

- Pull your arm back so that you feel as if you are creating space between the wrist and forearm

- Maintaining that pull, begin to put pressure in that hand by leaning your shoulders forward and hinging at the wrist.

10 minute back injury prevention routine

"Back injury prevention in gymnastics is super important and deserves way more than 10 minutes. But, if that's all the time you can spare, here's a great little routine to add to your training. Please excuse the imperfections, this was filmed during one of our weekly classes without rehearsal :)" - On the Move Physical Therapy